…our team can inspect and advise ..helping you protect your property - Wind rain frost and snow - Storm damage …extreme uk weather .. we can protect - from small leaks to a complete overhaul means job done ! ….safe

Old warn roofs can be dangerous needing constant repair and maintenance our main point inspection can provide valuable information FLAT ROOFS

                                                   New build repairs and maintenance flat roofs can be in several types traditional mineral, rubber EPDM and glass fibre …old installations often Create problems but with modern materials solutions are always at hand

And are trouble free lasting for years. Often it can be cheaper to simply

re-coat - peace of mind for years to come


                    Low maintenance modern plastics can save you money - no more painting. We only Use quality materials for years of good service …virtually install and forget - all old timbers can be removed and disposed our no fuss installation means job done !

And improves your property ….

                                            Driveways Patios and paving get clean with us - the latest high pressure cleaning for brilliant results every time removing years of dirt grime and weather damage that can restore colour and shine

POWER WASH Driveways Patios Damp Proofing Walls Painting New Roofs And All Repairs Upvc Fascias Soffits & Guttering Tree Work Brickwork Rendering Tarmac Flat Roofs TREE WORK

We can cut and remove main branches logs and trunks safely and efficiently. Tree removal can be a dangerous and complex process which should only be attempted by a qualified and experienced arborists. We can remove even the largest trees in the most difficult settings, safely and without causing damage to surrounding properties and gardens - we provide a full waste removal service

LEGALS You are entitled to a 14 day cooling off  period for all work Subject to contract 24.1.18 We provide a full upvc and gutter cleaning Service Call 01992 879 138 Mob 07340 077 902 Head office 2 Pinewood Broadley Common Nazeing Essex EN9 2DH

Welcome to SB Home Solutions … We provide all types of Roofing and Building Services New Build Repairs and Maintenance - from one slate to a complete new roof - all types of home improvements for customers residential and commercial - Large or small We only use quality materials from well known sources for all our projects. With free estimates Free advice all our work is guaranteed so your in safe hands. We also provide all types of Upvc Cleaning and repairs So why not call us today for a free consultation  Finding out wont cost a penny !

HOME SOLUTIONS SB ROOFING & BUILDING Call 01992 879 138 Mob 07340 077 902 Maldon Office 01621 834 745 Maldon Office 01621 834 745 HP1